How to get to Con Dao?


Located in the middle of the South Vietnam Sea, about 185 km away from Vung Tau and the mouth of Hau River (Can Tho) 83km, Con Dao is always beautiful and attractive to visitors throughout the year by being blessed by nature"s mother for many different types of weather, the rainy season will be often from May to October and the dry season will last from November to April next year. Visitors will experience many different ways of sub-equatorial climate and islands that rarely feel in the capital city.

Flanning to visit Con Dao Island . You can go there by air or by sea the best way is to let the staff of the Con Dao Eco-tourism advise and arrange your trip appropriately, reasonable and professional…depending on your requirements. Or you can experience yourself by discovering the new land - Con Dao with the following useful information:

1.Going to Con Dao by Plane

Currently, there is no direct flight from Hanoi to Con Dao, you can only fly from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City or to Can Tho airport. Then, you will get a connecting flight from Ho Chi Minh City to Con Dao or Can Tho to Con Dao. So far, only VASCO Airline operate the flights to Con Dao. The peak day with over 20 flights to Con Dao is done. Ticket price ranges from VND 1,850,000 - VND 2,300,000 / ticket / one way.

2.Going to Con Dao by Helicopter

Schedule: Helicopters fly every Friday and Sunday at Vung Tau Airport.

Vung Tau - Con Dao: 13h30 - 14h20 / Con Dao - Vung Tau: 15h30 - 16h20

Ticket price is  approximately 2,650,000 VND / ticket / one way. Flight duration is around 50 - 60 minutes

3.Going to Con Dao by Boat (High speed boat CON DAO EXPRESS)

Con Dao Express Boat has a capacity of 598 passengers (30 VIP seats and 568 ECO seats).

a) Departure from Vung Tau – to Con Dao: Duration is over 4 hours / one way.

Schedule: Vung Tau - Con Dao: 08:00 - 12:30 / Con Dao - Vung Tau: 13:30 - 17:30

Ticket price:  From Monday to Thursday:        VND 660,000 / ticket

Friday to Sunday:                                        VND 880,000 / ticket

VIP seats:                                                   VND 1,200,000 / ticket

b) Departure from Can Tho – to Con Dao: Duration is more than 4h30 minutes / one way.

Schedule: Can Tho - Con Dao: 07h00 - 11h30 / Con Dao - Can Tho: 12h00 - 16h30

Ticket price:  From Monday to Thursday:        VND 610,000 / ticket

Friday to Sunday:                                        VND 690,000 / ticket

VIP seats:                                                   VND 990,000 / ticket

c) Departure from Tran De – to Con Dao: Duration is more than 2h30 minutes / one way.

Schedule: Tran De - Con Dao: 09h00 - 11h30 / Con Dao - Tran De: 12h00 - 14h30

Ticket price: From Monday to Thursday:         VND 320,000 / ticket

Friday to Sunday:                                        VND 350,000 / ticket

For those who plan to travel by boat to Con Dao, you should buy Round-trip ticket to avoid "over-booking" due to there is only one trip per day to and from the main land  If you travel with your motorbike to the island, you should be at pier around 2 hours before departure time for loading your bike. Weather will sometimes  impact your trip so that please check your plan carefully or let the staff of CON DAO ECO-TOURISM CO., LTD  advices and plan your trip… We are always ready to assist you at any time.