Natural geography & name

Con Dao is an archipelagoes belong to the coast of South Vietnam (Vietnam) and is also a district of Ba Ria-Vung Tau province. Con Dao is 97 nautical miles from Vung Tau city by sea. The closest place to Con Dao is Vinh Hai commune, Vinh Chau town, Soc Trang province, 40 nautical miles away.

Con Dao or also known by the name of Con Son  Con Son  is the largest island in the archipelago.

Before the twentieth century, Vietnamese history referred to Con Son island as Kunlun. The old name in the English and French texts is Poulo Condor.

Con Dao down town

The down town of Con Dao is located on a semicircular valley with length from 8 to 10 km, width from 2 to 3 km and average height about 3 m above sea level. One side looks out to the southeast bay while the three others are surrounded by mountains. Con Dao town is located in the midddle of Co Ong airport and Ben Dam port (estimated distance of 12 km in each direction  ). The town is home to the entire economic, political and social life of the archipelago.

Eco-system of Con Dao

Con Dao National Park is part of a special-use forest system, and is one of 33 national parks in Vietnam. It was established in 1993 by re-form Con Dao forbidden forest with an area of 6,000 hectares of terrestrial and 14,000 hectares of water area, covering 14 islands.

Regarding plants, there are 882 species of higher plants belong to 562 genera and 161 families, including 371 species of woody plants, 30 species of orchids, 103 species of vines, 202 species of herbs, etc. Regarding to animals, there are currently known 144 species including 28 mammals, 69 birds, 39 reptiles, ... Con Dao has endemic Con Dao geckos.

The waters area of the national park contain 1,383 marine species, including 127 species of seaweed, 11 species of seagrass, 157 species of phytoplankton, 115 species of zooplankton, 202 species of fish, 8 species of animals and cows. close to the sea, ... The coral reefs here are made up of 219 species; The average coverage is 42.6%. Con Dao is not only the home of biggest number of sea turtles in Vietnam, but also the only place in Vietnam that still exists a population of dugongs whose lives are inseparable from seagrass beds.

Names of 16 Islands

1.     Côn Sơn Island (Côn Đảo)

2.     Bà Island (Phú Sơn)

3.     Bảy Cạnh Island (Phú Tường)

4.     Bông Lan Island (Phú Phong)

5.     Cau Island (Phú Lệ)

6.     Tài Lớn Island (Phú Bình)

7.     Tài Nhỏ Island (Phú An)

8.     Trác Lớn Island (Phú Hưng)

9.     Trác Nhỏ Island (Phú Thịnh)

10.    Tre Lớn Island (Phú Hoà)

11.    Tre Nhỏ Island (Phú Hội)

12.    Ngọc Island (Phú Nghĩa)

13.    Trứng Island (Phú Thọ)

14.    Vung Island (Phú Vinh)

15.    Trứng Lớn Island (Hòn Anh)

16.    Trứng Nhỏ Island (Hòn Em)

Economy - Population

With a population of about 8,500 people in 10 residential areas, the economic structure of Con Dao has the highest proportion of services (71.63%), followed by industry (20.20%) and finally agriculture (8.27%). Every year, the service sector grows at a rate of about 33.7%; the number of tourists coming to Con Dao is about 200,000 to 250,000 people / year.

Historical & cultural relics

1. Hang Duong Soldier Cemetery

2. Hang Keo Soldier Cemetery

3. Ma Thien Lanh Bridge Relic

4. Revolutionary relic system of Con Dao Prison

5. French- prisons  - American-prisons

6. So Co relics (Judicial Police Department)

7. Relics of Island Lord Palace

8. Historic Pier 914

9. Cong Quan Community House relic

10. Lady Ba Phi Yen Temple

11. Nui Mot Pagoda

12. Cau Temple

Famous tourist attraction

1.     Nhát Beach

2.     An Hải – An Hội Beach

3.     Côn Sơn Bay

4.     Lò Vôi Beach

5.     Côn Đảo National Park

6.     Ông Đụng Beach

7.     Đầm Trầu Beach

8.     Cau Island 

9.     Bảy Cạnh Island

10.                   Bay Canh Light House

11.                   Bà Island 

12.                   Tre Lớn Island

Festival – Events

  1. Lady Phi Yến Festival
  2. Võ Thị Sáu National Heroic Death Anniversary
  3. Ceremony for Martyrs Heroes Day 27/7
  4. Traditional Boat Racing Festival.